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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

In celebration of this premiere installation, the Petersham Art Center has invited me to read from my extensive collection of original poetry. Some of the poems I hope to include will be poems written long ago, such as "Time to Fly", some with my personal Spritual philosophy such as "Bump in the Night" and new ones including "Too Soon to Grieve". Being a patriotic American who does not sit on the fence, I will also include "My Flag" and "Prayer for my Uncle Sam".

I'll also share how my artistic expression came to be, how it evolved, and the process I use to create each poem. But the work of an artist is not complete when the piece is finished. There must be a sharing of the artistic expression, for without that sharing the Divine light of the artistic gift will be hidden under a bushel. It takes courage to connect with one's artistic gifts but it takes even more courage to let oneself be vulnerable in the sharing process that opens a door to the slings and arrows of fear.

But more is demanded of an artist who is driven to create and then driven again to share the vulnerability the art engenders. An artist also needs an understanding of market forces, business practices, an ability to find and create opportunities. Opportunities that will bring bread to the table or else the Divine light of the gift will be finally snuffed out for lack of sustenance.

With that in mind I will also share details about my upcoming installation in Ireland in 2024 and the proposals to be sent out soon to other venues.

I hope those who can, will join me for a fun and interesting evening. If you are unable to attend the event there is still time beforehand to view the installation. If not even that you can get a taste by just clicking on the two links below to see a video tours of the installation. (Please forgive the imperfections)

I look forward to sharing.

Love to All,


DATE: Sunday October 8, 2023

TIME: 3:30pm

Petersham Art Center

32 North Main St

Petersham, MA 01366


August 27 - October 12, 2023

Thurs. - Sun. 12pm - 4pm

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