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Energy Healing


Healing Energy Testimonials: Testimonials


I broke my wrist pretty severely a few weeks ago. Since I am a retired professional pianist there was some concern that I wouldn’t be able to play again. My hand specialist had me scheduled for surgery, and I was supposed to get metal pins and a titanium plate put in my hand. Kevin came over to my house twice, which in itself was so kind as he lives almost an hour away. He gave me two of the deepest and most profound reiki healings. On my next visit to the surgeon for x-rays she said, “Well I don’t know what you did but everything seems to be lined up nicely and I think we can cancel the surgery.” Wow!! Thank you Kevin. You are an amazing healer. 


After receiving a diagnosis of a rare blood disease and a year of stress from my personal life, I happen to meet Kevin and discussed his practice of Reiki. Having a friend who had spoken of the procedure from her own experience years before, I decided to try it. Kevin was very professional and wanted to know about my medical history and the stress that I had been experiencing prior to the session. I felt very at ease and ready to accept this practice. I understand that everyone feels and acts differently, I can only say that I felt a deep sense of peace and it was as though my body seemed to release the anxiety that was engulfing my very being. I have since begun to meditate and believe that without this experience I would not be receptive to the practice. I highly recommend Kevin if you are considering this practice. My last hematology appointment showed that my numbers were down for the first time in 4 years! Some may say this is a coincidence, but I know that it would not be so without this Reiki experience with Kevin.


When I sat down to listen to Kevin read some of his poetry, I was surprised on how it made me feel. I am not the person who reads or listens to poetry, I think numbers. Shortly after Kevin started I found myself listening deeply and was surprised to feel tears running down my cheeks.


The house reading and blessing was amazing. I connected exactly and more with some stuff we discussed.

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