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Kevin Mooney


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Born of Irish thoroughbred stock, Kevin Mooney has been cavorting in the entertainment and writing world since he was a wee lad. As a youngster in the South Bronx, Kevin was attracted to the theater when he played an old man in a Christmas play at the age of six. He began writing in his early teens, worked his way through Marquette University and received a degree in Theatre and History before the age of 25. Then he went on to earn his master’s degree in Character Analysis working as a bartender at Wolski’s Tavern in Milwaukee. Continuing on this course, Kevin became the Company Manager for the first national touring company of Angels in America, as well as the long-running hits in Chicago of Forever Plaid and I Hate Hamlet.

Kevin's personal writing has been a lifelong pursuit that he has finally given up trying to shake off and manifests itself in the highly acclaimed two-part poetry series The Wandering Crane and the business book Turning Up the Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management. He had the honor of being invited to participate in the largest art festival in the world, ArtPrize 7, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he installed his well-received, multi-dimensional art installation A Field of Poetry. Kevin also received high praise after bringing his poetry, his experience, and his expertise to more than 150 high school students in Wayne County, Indiana.

His current plans are to bring his unique and exciting blend of art and poetry to schools, museums, and churches all over the country, while continuing to work on his other, more esoteric passions. 

Always in search of knowledge and wisdom, Kevin has led a very eclectic life experience leading him to become an ordained Minister, Reiki Master, and Master of the Runes. As Master of the Runes he has the intuitive ability to bring clarity and discernment to any question, decision, or life experience. And after being certified as a Reiki Master in the Japanese school of Usui Shiki Ryoho he evolved his practice over 20 years to go deeper into the dimension of the energy body for healing. Learning that the chakras are the pillars of physical manifestation Kevin concentrates his healing gifts on these gyroscopes of energy to restore balance to the building blocks of our being.

His mission is to aid the energy of a spiritual being to keep the balance needed to remain manifest in this world with the courage to complete one's individual mission. He accomplishes this by healing souls using Divine energy and thought-provoking words of wisdom.

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