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We Touch the Divine in You!

The riches of the world can be found in a wide variety of our products and services that will fill your particular knowledge need. In our Ministerial portfolio we provide a number of services beyond the traditional Marriage/Commitment Ceremonies and Memorials. We have certified Energy Healers, trained as Reiki Masters, who will ease your pain and Rebalance your Chakras. You have the opportunity to have your Runes read, in person or on the phone. If you have experienced any of these, you know how wonderful and helpful they can be. And if you haven't, this is your opportunity! Scroll down to see all our Ministerial Services and Products.

Ministerial: Services

"I broke my wrist pretty severely a few weeks ago. Since I am a retired professional pianist there was some concern that I wouldn’t be able to play again. My hand specialist had me scheduled for surgery, and I was supposed to get metal pins and a titanium plate put in my hand. Kevin came over to my house twice, which in itself was so kind as he lives almost an hour away. He gave me two of the deepest and most profound reiki healings. On my next visit to the surgeon for x-rays she said, “Well I don’t know what you did but everything seems to be lined up nicely and I think we can cancel the surgery.” Wow!! Thank you Kevin. You are an amazing healer."


Ministerial: Testimonials
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