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"Field of Poetry"

Custom Pricing Available

This is a multi-dimensional art installation based on poetry with three distinct components:

1) A literal, Field of Poetry, consisting of 44 yellow yard signs emblazoned with original poetry mimicking a field of yellow daffodils. Let your guests wander amid the ‘field’ reading the thought provoking and sometimes humorous words created to inspire ‘out of the box’ thinking and self-exploration.

2) An in-depth exploration into the ‘root’ of the “Field of Poetry” found in the personal presentation of "The Soul Traveler". Your guests will laugh and cry at the entertaining words and thoughts found in this wonderfully intense presentation that delves into the four themes: Love, Fear, Forgiveness and Being in the world, not of the world. Adaptable for schools, churches or private functions.

3) “Field of Poetry”, like a field of flowers, is not complete without its seeds to carry the thoughts forward.  These seeds are found in the two volume series "The Wandering Crane" that Kevin will personally autograph for your guests.

"Field of Poetry": Service
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