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Ministerial Products & Services: Services

Energy Healing & Chakra ReBalancing


Energy Healing is a modality practiced by the ancient Tibetan Buddhists. It was reintroduced to the western world by a Japanese Buddhist Monk using the term Reiki, which translates, Universal Life Energy. This modality heals in a wide variety of ways: from simply easing pain and stress to replacing fear with peace in order to make necessary changes in one's life. Kevin is a Master Reiki and has been practicing for 20+ years.  Learn more, schedule an appointment, or ask questions. The Leprechaun knows.

Rune Reading


In every ancient culture there was a need for Divination: advice and/or clarification of decisions made or yet to be made. The easiest way to explain the reading of Runes is equate it with the Kabballah or Tarot. The Kabballah is of the Jewish Culture and the Tarot found its way out of ancient Egypt. Runes are a product of the earliest written symbolic alphabetic language of the Nordic culture, conceived as early as the time of Christ. Learn more, schedule an appointment, or ask questions. The Leprechaun knows.

Intro to Runes Workshop


Kevin, who is a 100% Irish thoroughbred, has been studying the Runes, it history, sources, wisdom and power for well over 30 years.  This Workshop will satisfy your curiosity about Runes and give you the basic knowledge that will help when you take the more in depth study classes.  It will impart knowledge about the cosmology of the Nordic world, the wisdom, power & organizational structure of their deities, and background of the Runic alphabet. Learn more, schedule an appointment, or ask questions. The Leprechaun knows.

Rune Class


Runes are a 2,000+ year old Nordic alphabet that may have been lost as a written language but lives on as a tool of divination.  This in depth class on Runes is 90 minutes, once a week, for 12 sessions.  It includes 1) Rune Lore 2) Rune Staves 3) Runecasting & divination 4) beautifully designed box of Rune cards and 5) materials to create your own Rune Sets. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion and access to continual education and mentoring. Learn more, schedule an appointment, or ask questions. The Leprechaun knows.

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