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Prayer For My Uncle Sam

I love my Uncle Sam

He is not exactly old

But beginning to feel the stress of age

In his youth he has paved the way

Into a new and abundant land

With the highest of ideals

Yet like any young man

He has stumbled 

on many occasions

along the way

Many times he has forgotten what has been promised by Mathew

"Look at the birds in the sky

They do not sow or reap

They gather nothing into barns

Yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are you not more important than they?

Which of you by worrying

Can add a moment to his life-span?"

And so he falls into

The pit of lack

And the fear

Of not enough abundance for all

The abundance he was able to imagine and create

Into such a wonderful and prosperous home

His intentions

So Divinely inspired

And used as a rudder and a sail

To navigate the raging seas of despair 

Through the fog of doubt and fear


With his eye on the prize

To create a home

Of love and happiness for ALL 

His nieces and nephews

But sometimes the loudest

And most fearful of his tribe

Distract him and set him off his course

Pushing him to call on 

His Strength

His courage

And His power

Which knows no bounds

To remember his Divine mission

The strength 

To take from the earth 

What is needed to create 

A safe and joyous home

For his ever growing family

The courage 

To follow that Divine path

Set before him

And the Power

To evaporate the fear 

Of those who do not have faith

He shines like the sun

To light up the sky

And send a beacon of hope

To those who are lost in darkness

Creating what was foretold 

Yet again by Mathew

"You are the light of the world. 

A city set upon a hill cannot be hidden.

Men do not light a lamp

And then put it under a bushel basket.

They set it on a stand

Where it gives light

To ALL in the house.

In the same way

Your light must shine before men

So that they may see goodness in your acts

And give praise to our Father above."

My Uncle’s heart is huge

As he cries at injustice

At poverty

At homelessness

At every pestilence

Affecting his loved ones

And calls to them

To comfort

To heal

To start anew

In his home

He was led to this land of abundance

With a Divine mission

And the power of Goodness

To clothe and feed

ALL those in need

His voice cries out as the New Colossus

"Give me your tired

Your poor

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore

Send these

The homeless

Tempest-tost to me

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

And sincerely 

He means what he says

And here is where I pray the most

My Uncle Sam

Has sight diminished

And hearing lacking

To clearly see the truth

The fog seems to encircle him

To cloud his vision

And muffle the calls of Divine truth

And only hears

The sweet song of the sirens

Calling him to his destruction

He needs our help

To clear his sight

And unburden his hearing

To see without judgment

To listen without fear

And lead with unconditional love

As my beloved Uncle ages

It is only natural he weakens and wobbles

But just as he has 

Nurtured us

Protected us

And given us so much

With his courage

And his strength

So it is up to us


To give back

And play an active role

In his care

Just as we do for our aging parents

It may not be easy

It may be inconvenient

But it would be irresponsible

Not to step up to the plate

That love calls us to act

My Uncle Sam

Is connected to a Higher Power

That never dies

With that spark of Divine Light

He shares with us all

And so it is time

We give back

To heal

And strengthen

Our Beloved Uncle Sam                    


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