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Leprechaun, Inc.

"Where the Riches of the World, Thought Lost, are Found"

The photo you see for Leprechaun, Inc. is a 5,000 year old Dolman, or Portal Tomb, built during the Neolithic Period. It is older than the pyramids and even older than Stonehenge. The oldest of these structures are found in ancient sites of Western Europe, specifically, Ireland, Wales, and Brittany.  It is said these are the first man-made structures in the western world to honor the sacred. Previous to this, mankind would look to the sacred mountain or the holy well for wisdom, guidance and protection. 

It is a portal to the source of knowledge and wisdom which are the riches of the world the Leprechauns know exist and know where they can be found. This is why the Dolman is representative of Leprechaun, Inc. Just as Knowledge and wisdom comes in a variety of forms and genres, so does Leprechaun, Inc. aim to share the eclectic knowledge and wisdom we find in all its various forms and genres. Take a step inside the Leprechaun's pot of riches!

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