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      My Flag

My Flag

    Is Honorable

        In this imperfect world of a republic

My Flag

    Is Safety

        As long as the world lets us be safe

My Flag

    Is Integrity

        As long as we Vote 

And Elect 

Selfless politicians

My Flag

    Is Democracy


            It is truly

A Republic

My Flag

    Is Courage

        In pushing the envelope

            In all things




                And Spiritual

My Flag

    Is Steadfastness

        That won’t back down

            Even in the face of fear


My Flag

    Is Utilitarian

        Knowing all are equal

            And giving is a joy

My Flag

    Is Fear

        Only to those

            Who do not

                Wish to learn

Who do not

Wish to grow

Who do not

Wish to love

My Flag

    Is Revolution

        From Colonialism

        From Religionism

        From Didacticism

From Authoritarianism

From Prejudice


From Fear

My Flag

    I Love

        And Honor

            And Fly

    As a symbol

        Of my belief in humankind


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