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Poetry Reviews & Reactions: Testimonials

Reviews & Reactions

What People Say!

It is an understatement for me to say, "I have been blown away" by the reactions and reviews from those who have experienced my poetry first hand.

"So beautifully vulnerable. Bleeding on yellow"

Christine S,


Toni B.

"Fun, Creative and, of course, thought provoking"

Connie S.

Comments for
"Prayer for My Uncle Sam"

"Kevin, this was so beautifully written and your reading was outstanding!  It touched me, raised my determination to help our country renew itself and gave me a feeling of pride in our country..."

Jim & Sonia R.

"Thank you SO much for the prayer for our Uncle Sam. You remind me of who our God is calling us to be. Your words are prophetic and words we so need right now. You did not name names and yet you clearly described the challenges we are facing right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep your vision clear and keep speaking!"

Clancy Y.

"I think this is the best you have ever written. Publish it on line, in news papers…. People need to read it."

Barb K.

Poetry Reviews & Reactions: Testimonials

Personal Review

Barbara K.

"Kevin Mooney’s poetry is a look into the human heart.  His depth of thought and personal, gut wrenching  style on loss, love, growth and self-understanding evokes a strong human emotion.    His material is thought provoking and deep. Sometimes dark. I feel the spiritual foundation in his word.  His prose invokes thought and makes me question if I understand the true meaning of life.  His introspective prose illuminates a hidden corner of my soul. I sense a power larger than myself, larger than life he is writing about.  I find Kevin’s ability to capture the many facets of human love amazing. He broaches subjects of deep feeling and resolve in a way that I often feel that he has captured exactly how I feel."

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