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What a Summer!!!!

Yosemite Park
Half Dome, Nevada Falls, & Vernal Falls from Glacier Ridge!

I had the opportunity to visit Yosemite National Park last month. I may be a poet and writer but the words to describe the incredible geography of Yosemite escape my voice with the breath it takes away! Although the monstrous geologic rock formations take center stage and draws our vision, they lend more beauty to the smaller yet not insignificant formations in the valley. Take for instance this photo of Half Dome. It draws your eye to its magnificence, yet off to the right there are two waterfalls pouring out of the mountaintop. It is a reminder of how life in this world works sometimes. We are easily blinded by the enormity of a personality, event, or obstacle that draws our eyes away from the sought after beauty of our intended mission. Take note of that enormity distracting us because it too has deserved beauty and reverence. Yet be sure to search the entire big picture of life and the world to stay focused and moving forward toward the vision of a mission we all have in our hearts. It is easy to stand in awe too long and find our feet rooted in a quagmire of contentment. You may find peace in contentment but you will not find joy. Put one step in front of the other to walk around and past what might have been and towards what is to be!

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