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Summer is Gone & Time for Christmas Pudding

My first summer in New England has been glorious! Hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, gardening, meeting new friends, hosting old friends and experiencing the Fall colors has been spectacular.

After living in Florida for over 20 years and then spending such a long time in Central Massachusetts was definitely a move out of my comfort zone. But that is not always a bad thing. I was seduced into a hiatus from my creative projects and relearned how to live in the 'now'. Every day was a new awakening in our beautiful cottage on the Swift River: Washing windows that hadn't been washed in years and creating a home of comfort and peace. I forgot what a joy it was to dig in the dirt when I had the opportunity to reenergize the old garden beds: Peonies, Poppies, Irises, Day Lilies, Rudbekia, Yarrow, Globe Thistle, Cone Flowers, and more. And planting new additions to the landscape: Granny Smith Apple, Elderberry, Blue Rug Juniper, Columnar Juniper, English Bluebells and Allium.

But as the brilliance of the trees begins to fade and make ready for winter hibernation, it is time to steam the Christmas Puddings while we prepare to head south and close up our summer nest. I forgot how short the growing season seems to be. In the Spring we are energized with new life bursting from the earth and awed by the continuing beauty that seems never to end. And then the seeds begin to fall, the colors change, the sun sleeps lower in the sky and Orion rises in the night.

There will be more adventures to come, more stories to tell, more friends to meet in the warmth of the Florida sun. But I look forward to next Spring when the cottage on the Swift beckons me North to remind me of the passage of time and the cycle of life in all its fleeting glory.

But being in the 'now' I have to say the steaming of the puddings is moving along at a brisk pace. A dozen packed and accounted for and time running out for more. If you hope to have your Steamed Pudding for Christmas, put your order in now. I am not sure how many more I will have time to make.

Love you all and hope to talk if not see you in the coming months ahead whether Florida, Massachusetts or anywhere else my feet may land.


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