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AUGUST 17, 2020!!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo inside Saumitra Chandratreya's studio at the ArtsXchange in St. Petersburg, FL. As you can see, all the panels have been printed and the edges neatly finished. We deliver these with twelve corresponding 12"x18" shadow boxes to Galley 221 on Monday for Amanda and her team to install. The official opening of the exhibition, Secret Language of Intimacy, is Monday August 17th and will remain until September 24th. As you can imagine, their will be limited in-person viewing due to the Covid pandemic. You may have to make reservations with only four persons viewing at a time. I will update in another blog when the details are confirmed. In the meantime Amanda and her team are creating an innovative experience for a virtual opening which will allow everyone to experience the exhibit from the comfort of their own devices! Again, details will be forthcoming. Saumitra and I have been collaborating on this project for almost a year and are truly excited to see it manifested out of our creative thought processes for all to see! By August 17th we will have a website online specifically for this installation: I look forward to all the comments (I hope you will share) about your experience with Secret Language of Intimacy. If I am available I would love to meet you there!

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Kathleen Mooney

Big a CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Looking forward to the virtual experience.

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