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If you're intellectual curiosity has been itching to learn more about Energy Healing, Reiki, and Chakras, now is your chance to scratch that itch. If your doubt and fear have been holding you from experiencing an Energy Healing session, now is time to let go of fear and experience it in the comfort of a group setting.

AwesomeOVER60 is presenting Energy Healing: The New Frontier at the Blue Lotus Meditation Center 714 Shamrock Blvd, Venice, FL 34293 on Thursday November 21st at 2pm until 3:30. There is a small fee of $10 to cover costs. I will give an informative presentation on Chakras and will Rebalance the Chakras for all those participating. My colleague, Carolyn Fowler, a Certified Reiki Master as well, will also present an informative presentation on Reiki and Peaceful Healing.

Chakras are energy centers that help us manifest the corporal body so we may experience the human existence. Just as gyroscopes maintain orientation and stability in aircrafts, boats, and spacecrafts, so to do Chakras keep our bodies stable and properly oriented. After all, we are truly energy beings fitted into a transportation vessel (body) maneuvering through an alien environment (earth) to explore and experience the human existence in the limiting environment of space and time. Sometimes the chakras become unbalanced as we work our way through the joys and challenges of life. For the most part we can rebalance ourselves and continue on our way, but sometimes we don't even realize they are unbalanced. When this happens our body begins to give us signs that something is out of balance. If we continue to not notice or even ignore these signs, it will eventually begin to show itself as an illness, or Dis-Ease, as we sometimes say. In this case Energy Healers like myself and Carolyn can help you restore balance, release fear, and bring peace, in order to start fresh and continue on this wonderful journey called Life!

We hope to see you there and RSVPs are most welcome.

Love to All!

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