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Book Signing Success!!!!!

I know you all wanted to come Downtown Sarasota yesterday and get your books signed and also pick up some notecards to refill your stock but don't worry, you can still do all that on this website or just call me. It was a huge success! With only one hour available to us, we sold two "Wandering Crane: Vol.II" books, two "Turning Up the Light: Four Steps To Brighter Management" business books and one box of Wandering Crane Notecards. But sometimes selling product is not the best of success, there's more! A wonderful high school teacher came by and is very interested in having us come to her school and do two presentations: one for a High School Business Management class and one for an Honors Poetry Class. That would be so much fun! But there's still more!! A very interested publishing house asked me to send his editor a file of our business book, "Turning Up the Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management"! He has been looking for a small, smart, fun, business book to add to his burgeoning inventory of product. It just goes to show that it is those seemingly small events and casual meetings where the Leprechaun finds the best in the riches of the world! Stay tuned for the next opportunity to meet the Leprechaun! (Or just book your own event!)

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