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Ask and You Shall Receive!

Being a spiritual being I understand the God-given creative ability to manifest thought, but always seemed to buy into the negative energy of limitation. The words of the poet, Maya Angelou, awakened my mind to the positive energy of unlimited possibilities. Instead of using the negative energy of self-doubt it was time to use the positive energy of Divine guidance.

The original phrase is said to be told by the great teacher, Jesus, at His famous sermon on the mount. It is much debated what was actually meant by this and I, like others, have my own interpretation. This thought teaches me that when you are in balance with the universe and/or the Divine will of God you may ask for whatever is needed to fulfill that Divine will and it will be given to you.

With this in mind I am humbly asking all my friends, family and strangers who are soon to become friends and family to support my wonderful project. In my last blog I talked about taking the road less traveled and moving forward to manifest creative projects that have been driving me out of the past, through the present, and into the future. One of those projects is an art installation I am collaborating on with the artist, Saumitra Chandratreya. It is titled, The Secret Language of Intimacy and has already been accepted for a nine week exhibition at Gallery 221 in Tampa this summer! Gallery 221 HCC Dale Mabry is at the "forefront of Tampa’s art scene".

Click on this link and you will learn the details of the installation, the creativity behind it, the reason it is important to us, and why we think it is important to share. We ask you to take the opportunity to be a part of making this creative installation a reality. In another lesson from the teacher, Jesus, we are beseeched to not hide our light under a bushel but to set it on a lamp stand to shine for all people to see and be guided. You can help us shine our light! And we are most grateful for that help!

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