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A Creative Flower Blossoms!

Some of you may know my niece, Kelsey, who has been creating music since she was four years old, if not before. My mother enjoyed telling the story of the times she would have Kelsey buckled into her carseat while driving to take her sister, Erin, to kindergarten. On the way home Kelsey would ask, "Grandma, which is my song and which is the Britney Spears song?" And then she would proceed to sing. Of course my mother had no idea which was the Britney Spears song but would always say the song was wonderful and must have been created by Kelsey. When Grandma was wrong Kelsey would laugh and correct her but continue to sing and create music all the way home. This week, Kelsey (a.k.a. Kay Klover) has released her debut album "Pot of Gold" on her own independent label! She can create songs in a variety of styles but this one is in the style of Hip Hop/Rap. It may not be everyone's taste but she has collaborated with a number of very talented and well known musicians in the industry such as Eastwood and BlaqNmild to create this wonderful collection. If you are of a certain age and enjoy this type of music you will find the the lyrics with the beats quite revealing and refreshingly new. And even if you're not of that certain age, take a walk on the wild side and listen to the lyrics that tell a story. Even though I believe the song, "Ganja Queen" will be a hit, I especially like "Beauty of Life" and "Fearless". Try it, you might like it!

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