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Publishing Services

Find Your Voice!



Memoirs, Self-Help, Business, or Spritual Books.  If you have it in you and you need to get it out, we can help!


Our editor is the best in the business who can spot a misused semicolon a mile away and well worth the investment for the professional look you want.

Book Publishing

You have it written, you have it edited, and you have the cover design and layout.  But you still need the ISBN number, the Library of Congress Number, the Copywrite, and the final printed product.  We can do that for you.

Conception to Print

You want it all?  We help you create the outline, write the text, edit the manuscript, design the cover & layout, and print the finished product. Our fees are flexible and affordable. Contact us and let's get started!

Business Portfolio # 2.jpg

Books & Services


Turning Up the Light:
Four Steps to Brighter Management

The Wandering Crane

Vol. I & Vol. II

The Wandering Crane Vol.I

Feathers of Wisdom

The Wandering Crane Vol. II

Dance of Joy

The Wandering Crane Note Cards

Educational Business Workshop

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