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Coming Soon!!!

Saumitra Chandratreya and I have been collaborating on this art installation and watching it manifest into reality! Earlier this year we created an Indiegogo fundraising pitch which netted us over $700. (Thank you to all those who contributed!) Although it isn't what we need to complete the entire 20 poem 96 panel installation it is enough to create the first incarnation of 12 poems and 24 panels. (See blog post "Ask and You Shall Receive") The Installation is set to premiere on Monday August 17th at Gallery 22 4001 W. Tampa Bay Blvd. Dale Mabry DLRC 222Tampa FL 33614 The exhibit will be available to the public through September 24th so put it on your calendar and keep watching for more info from me. Also, we are in negotiations to install another exhibit based on the same concept in St. Petersburg, FL sometime later this year. We will update you as the details get worked out. In the meantime, click here: Secret Language of Intimacy, to learn more details about the installation and hear me recite the poems chosen.We are still accepting donations to create the entire installation and making preparations for it to be shipped to museums around the globe. I look forward to seeing you all in Tampa! (If the COVID pandemic prevents you from seeing it in person, we will be creating an online experience for you.)

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